Are you looking for the opportunity to “make a difference?” The Residences for Independent Living Society wants to give you a chance! With an active volunteer team of more than 90, volunteers play an integral role in the opportunities that we can offer to the tenants of False Creek and Steveston Residence. This is an excellent opportunity to gain required volunteer hours for post secondary programs such as Therapeutic Recreation, Kinesiology, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

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What can Volunteers do with R.I.L.S.?

The programs are many and varied; volunteers do everything from 1 to 1 social visits, to enabling the tenants to maintain a healthy active lifestyle through exercise and movement. Some of our key programs are described in greater detail below.

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Community Integration

The Residences for Independent Living Society believes that everybody deserves to enjoy the community in which they live. Through group and individual outings we make this possible, but volunteer assistance is required. These outings may involve walking, using public transit or using the societies lift equipped van. Popular destinations include community festivals and events, sporting events, or simply a coffee or lunch at the local café with a friend.

Stretching and Exercise

This program includes assisting tenants to maintain active and healthy lifestyles by working through Physical Therapist developed stretching and exercise routines in a 1 to 1 environment. All volunteers will be trained and supervised until comfortable and confident with the programs. Another aspect of the exercise program includes a weekly swimming program where volunteers are required, this program requires in the water assistance and support.

Cooking and Baking

Many of the residents at RILS enjoy baking and even preparing their own meals. This is made possible by using the custom-designed, completely accessible kitchen False Creek Residence known as “Porters Place” Through the support of volunteers tenants learn the basics about healthy meal choices and safe cooking techniques.

Preparation for Independent Living

As our Society name indicates, a key focus is the preparation and promotion of independent living that fits the individual needs of each of our tenants. These programs include working with our Occupational Therapist to implement programs that encourage and enable our tenants to prepare for a more independent living situation. This might include organization and scheduling projects, using the public transit or participating in community based programs.