Tenant Profile

andrew vallance
We could best describe Andrew with the following words: Creative, caring, intelligent, funny and talented!

Andrew Vallance was born and raised in Fernie BC and moved into the False Creek Residence four and a half years ago.  As you can imagine, this was a big transition for a young man who missed his family and small town community dearly but he stayed strong and worked through the adjustment with the help of many friends and volunteers from the community.  Andrew has since embraced the City life and enjoys not only his busy social calendar but also the ability to pursue all of his favorite activities and interests.

Andrew began pursuing his passion to become a comedian in 2013 when he successfully completed the Stand-Up Comedy program at Langara College.  He continues to bring on the laughter at local comedy nights throughout the city!

This talented fellow has also been pursuing acting gigs and he comes by it honestly, as his lovely sister has been an actor for years.  He has participated in the Real Wheels Theater program and has performed in front of audiences at local events throughout Vancouver.  Did we mention that Andrew is a “Cinophile”?  He is a HUGE lover of film and writes monthly movie reviews for the Fernie Fix Lifestyle Magazine.

One of Andrew’s latest creative endeavors is to write a script for a ten minute short film about an angel and demon interacting in a coffee shop.  We look forward to seeing him successfully complete this project and it will hopefully be coming to a computer screen near you!

When asked what his dream is, Andrew explained that he would like to acquire the funding to complete filming and editing a documentary that he has co-created about disability awareness.  He is the subject and visionary behind this exciting film that will advocate for disability rights and spread awareness.

If you would like to help our tenants achieve their dreams please make your donation to Residences for Independent Living Society.