In 1974, RILS began with 23 residents – a number of them being the children of RILS founders. RILS was originally suited for young adults between the ages 19 and 35, but over time, some of the original residents remained with us and we now cater to those both younger and older. Today, our residences have 34 live-in occupants between our False Creek and Steveston locations, with ages ranging from 23 to 72.

All of our residents have physical health conditions, which hinder their ability to live independently and self-sufficiently. Our residents are supported by a team of 72 full and part-time nurses, cleaners, cooks, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dieticians and more. Our residents receive 24-hour assistance for all of their everyday health and wellbeing needs, within the comfort of their own private and personalized bedrooms.

Ensuring that our residents lead the most independent and fulfilling lives possible is at the heart of what we do. Our dynamic team of volunteers partner with individuals and care for a multitude of their needs. Volunteers assist our community with social activities, exercise, daily outings, laundry, room clean-ups, and most importantly – creating invaluable friendships.

Our philosophy of care and encouragement for independence has given our residents the opportunity to undergo unique experiences and explore new hobbies and interests.

Tenant Testimonials

I like living at False Creek Residence because if I wasn’t here I would be in an old age home. I wouldn’t have meet all my friends I have. I love meeting the volunteers and spending time with them. They treat me like a person and then we become friends. I like having the choice on which outings I can go on. I like that I get to go a Canucks game for free (awesome!) I also like staff (Cooks, Rec, Cleaning, Nurses) False Creek Residence also helped me get my dog Dandy!

Lorrie Sanderson


I love that I get to explore outside. This house gives me motivation for getting out, exploring, and learning new things with my volunteers. I’ve always wanted to get out as much as I do now because I didn’t get the chance before! When I go out, I get to learn from other people. I like to be encouraged to meet people and show them what I can do.

Alison Canning


RILS organized an outing to go see Rick Hansen, one of my heroes, at the end of his Man in Motion World Tour I got the opportunity to dance for him!

Brian Hart


I’ve lived here since 1980, so that’s 39 years! I’ve known some of the other tenants for 39 years! Because of RILS, I got to go camping, in 2001 I even got to fly back home to Saskatchewan! I have gone to an art group held at RILS for years, but now I go every single week! I go swimming, I go to church, and I go out with friends. I like the staff at RILS and I really like all of my volunteers and what we get to do together.

Betty Flichel


I am grateful to RILS for helping to kick starting both my theatre and stand up careers.

Andrew Vallance



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